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Dashboard? Done! provides you with a powerful web-based dashboard with room to grow.  Our service delivers the most value by delivering

  • The two most significant metrics or KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that you identify.
  • The two targets or goals for those same metrics.
  • Two tabs, one for each metric or KPI, showing current value, trend over time, and forecast.
  • Delivery takes 5 days or less from start to finish.  If more time is required to complete the job, your investment doesn’t go up.
  • One SAP Analytics Cloud license for one year is included.  Renew for under $300 each year.
  • Technical Support for your dashboard provided by Center4BI and SAP is included for one year.  Renew support for $500 each year.
  • A simple, one page, user guide is provided along with links to additional learning materials.
  • Complimentary review after 90 days to adjust your dashboard to best meet your business needs.
  • Three investment options are available or customize your own with our help:
    • One-time investment upon completion of $5,000
    • Invest over 12 months for under $500 each month
    • Invest over 24 months for under $275 each month
  • One database connection provided.  Proprietary database connectivity software may require additional investment.


When we follow up with you we’ll discuss your specific questions along with next steps to deliver your Dashboard? Done! project and start increasing your bottom line.

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