How to turn your business data into gold*

* unlocking the financial value of your business data

Take advantage of our “Seeing is Believing” offer

  • What Center4BI will deliver to your business

    • An initial consultation with the Executive Sponsor of the project

    • 30-day risk free trial of Squirrel/InfoBurst to connect your team with the information they need

    • 20 to 25 hours of development effort to build a well-defined, limited low-code Squirrel application or dashboard

    • A review consultation with the Executive Sponsor of the project to confirm all objectives have been met.

What can be accomplished in 30 days?

  • A low-code, no-code application can be developed in the first business week

  • A well-defined business objective can be realized when executives, managers, or front-line team members, even customers, are connected with valuable business data

  • Your business improvement can be measured over the following 30 days of using the app on their desktop of mobile device.

What happens after 30 days?

  • Reviewing and confirming that the objectives of the project have been met, a decision is made

  • Continue the use of the project for a reasonable annual investment (approx. $5,000)

  • Discontinue the use of the project if expectations have not been achieved

How do I learn more about this offer and other offers?

  • Contact Center4BI by emailing administrator@center4bi for an initial conversation.